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0000345Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2014-03-24 10:35
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Summary0000345: Kenerl version mismatch
DescriptionIn a live environment, unable to install Kali-Linux using the installer.

Kernel version mismatch

Live system kernel and installer kernel don't match
The installer can only be used if the kernel versions of the live system (3.7-trunk.686-pae) and of the installer (3.7-trunk-486) are the same.
Please reboot with the correct kernel (3.7-trunk-486).

Steps To Reproduce1.) Live boot
2.) Applications
3.) System Tools
4.) Install Kali Linux



2013-06-04 15:07

administrator   ~0000514

I'm confirming the problem (although debian-installer seems to continue anyway).

The only way to fix this is to make sure that debian-installer is built with the -686-pae kernel flavor as well. Which means that 486 and 586 class would not be installable at all...


2014-03-24 10:35

reporter   ~0001639

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Custom i486 iso, for which there is no installer.

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