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0003761Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2017-10-11 15:08
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Summary0003761: New tool request - WordHound
DescriptionWordHound is a tool that builds targeted password lists against a specific target given a URL. It's open source and licensed under GNU.

It's really useful for building intelligent wordlists against a target and fusing these words with existing wordlists to increase the efficacy of an attack.


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g0tmi1k (administrator)

Name: WordHound
Version: ??? (Not tag'd)
Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/mattinfosec/wordhound
Download: https://bitbucket.org/mattinfosec/wordhound/get/master.tar.gz
License: GNU v3 (https://bitbucket.org/mattinfosec/wordhound/src/master/LICENSE?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default)
Description: This is a tool that builds a list of password candidates for a specific target website to use with something like Hashcat or Hydra.

If you were familiar with the old version, this is much better. It uses a better known technique called TF-IDF to extract interesting terms from target websites. Under the hood, it actually renders each and every page with using selenium and phantomjs.


dookie (administrator)

This tool works well in Kali and most of its prerequisites are already in the repositories. It appears the only depend that will need to be packaged is creepy: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/creepy/

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