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0003951Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2017-05-09 20:13
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Product Version2016.2 
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Summary0003951: fcrackzip isn't finding any passwords
DescriptionI made a password protected .zip file, with passwords like ninja, ninj4, abcd, aa, a and it can't find a password. I used the command:
fcrackzip -b -c aA1 -l 1-5 -v -u '/root/Desktop/test.zip'
I tried it without -u, and -v, but there's really no difference.
I also tried a password attack using rockyou.txt and a custom wordlist, with like 10 words and 1 of them being the right password and it still couldn't find it. I used:
fcrackzip -u -D -p '/root/Desktop/rockyou.txt' '/root/Desktop/test.zip'
any help?
Steps To ReproduceI'm just creating a folder with a simple text file and compressing it to .zip and adding a password
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Senni (reporter)

Could you attach the zip file with the password? Exactly how was the zip file created, 7z, zip, winrar?

It does seem to work attached the example to this:

# 21:02:root:Kali: # fcrackzip -D -p 'x' -u test.zip
PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw == test

# 21:03:root:Kali: # fcrackzip -b -l4-4 -v -u test.zip
found file 'test.txt', (size cp/uc 19/ 5, flags 9, chk a8c8)
checking pw rUt~
PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw == test

# 21:05:root:Kali: # fcrackzip --version
fcrackzip version 1.0

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