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Summary0003955: jSQL updates

It's a long time since the last update, in fact I have four requests:

- "jSQL" complete name is "jSQL Injection", can we change it ?

- Is it possible to apply the new application logo too ?
The logo with different sizes are on Github:

- Also current version is v0.74 in Kali but the last release is v0.79, can we update the package ?
The up to date jsql-injection-v0.79.jar is available here:

- Is it possible to update the description page too: http://tools.kali.org/vulnerability-analysis/jsql ?

Thank you for your time.
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sbrun (manager)

The new version 0.79-0kali1 of jSQL injection has just been uploaded.
Package name, name and icons in menu have been changed.

Pending: update the description page too: http://tools.kali.org/vulnerability-analysis/jsql


ron190 (reporter)

Thank you, it's awesome. I can give a hand to update the description page if you want.

Also I'm curious about the deployment, I'm wondering:
- Is the upgrade already spread to be grabbed using menu "Gnome > Check for updates" inside Kali ?
- Will the update be embedded into the next Kali ISO, or is it already built into the current downloadable ISO ?


sbrun (manager)

The upgrade "migrated" to kali-rolling today so it's available (or it will be in few hours)

The update will be embedded into the next Weekly Kali ISO.


ron190 (reporter)

I checked recently in VM Kali-Linux-2017.1-vbox-amd64 using Gnome panel "Check for updates" and command "apt-get update", system says it's up to date but old release "jsql v0.74" is still running, I don't see the new "jsql-injection v0.79".

Can you check if all is good ? Maybe I should wait longer.


sbrun (manager)

I just checked and the package is in kali-rolling.
Maybe there is an issue in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

And then:
apt update
apt full-upgrade

jsql-injection is in the new weekly ISO (week 20).


ron190 (reporter)

The command 'apt full-upgrade' fixed my problem, thank you for your help.


g0tmi1k (administrator)

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Updated https://tools.kali.org/vulnerability-analysis/jsql


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