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0004008Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2020-12-01 10:48
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Summary0004008: SET doesnt work for website cloning

Hey guys..alot of users have been facing the same problem...SET or the social engineering toolkit isnt working for phishing pages..Its gives an error "Python OpenSSL wasn't detected or PEM file not found, note that SSL compatibility will be affected." Looks like we donot have any certificate files at all..Many users have complained the same..FIX this immediately..

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2017-05-12 06:54

reporter   ~0006665

Right place for posting issues on SET would be @

BUT.. i got the solution to the bug for you anyway.. be sure that you got the "python-openssl" installed first, if it's NOT installed, INSTALL IT. If not, this will be a working solution for now at least..

Comment this line in /usr/share/setoolkit/src/webattack/harvester/

detect openssl module


from OpenSSL import SSL

from OpenSSL import SSL

handle import error that openssl is not there

#except Exception as err:

print("Python OpenSSL wasn't detected or PEM file not found, note that SSL compatibility will be affected.")

print_status("Printing error: " + str(err))




2017-05-15 14:18

manager   ~0006686

Upstream fixed this in new version 7.6.3

The new version 7.6.3-0kali1 will be in kali-rolling in a few hours.

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