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Summary0004211: urh - (Universal Radio Hacker) investigating unknown wireless protocols

The Universal Radio Hacker is a software for investigating unknown wireless protocols. Features include

  • hardware interfaces for common Software Defined Radios
  • easy demodulation of signals
  • assigning participants to keep overview of your data
  • customizable decodings to crack even sophisticated encodings like CC1101 data whitening
  • assign labels to reveal the logic of the protocol
  • fuzzing component to find security leaks
  • modulation support to inject the data back into the system
Additional Information

This tool has become very interesting the past few months. It's under heavy development, but the features now included is way 'cool' enough for signal analysis +++ and the features are growing fast, but I feel it should be included in Kali's penetration testing arsenal from the 2017.2 release. It also got wide support for most RF adapters available.

More information about this tool + general usage,
check website + source @

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has duplicate 0003970 closedg0tmi1k Universal Radio Hacker (urh) 




2017-08-30 17:39

reporter   ~0007208

Most likely, this report is a duplicate whith 0003970
But this is really a very interesting tool. For many operations, such as analyzing an unknown protocol, URH more convenient than GnuRadio.



2017-08-30 17:46

reporter   ~0007209

In now, URH works well without installing from deb or PyPi packets



2018-01-29 15:16

administrator   ~0008496

To help speed up the process of evaluating the tool, please make sure to include the following information (the more information you include, the more beneficial it will for us):

  • [Name] - The name of the tool
  • [Version] - What version of the tool should be added?
    --- If it uses source control (such as git), please make sure there is a release to match (e.g. git tag)
  • [Homepage] - Where can the tool be found online? Where to go to get more information?
  • [Download] - Where to go to get the tool?
  • [Author] - Who made the tool?
  • [Licence] - How is the software distributed? What conditions does it come with?
  • [Description] - What is the tool about? What does it do?
  • [Dependencies] - What is needed for the tool to work?
  • [Similar tools] - What other tools are out there?
  • [How to install] - How do you compile it?
  • [How to use] - What are some basic commands/functions to demonstrate it?


2018-01-31 06:22

reporter   ~0008587

It's a duplicate and may be closed.
URH may easily be installed with pip. this may be closed.



2018-03-06 08:03

reporter   ~0008861

While URH can be installed with pip it would still be useful to have a package for it, since it requires some manual effort to get e.g. native backends working before installing with pip:

Let me answer the questions you gave to speed up the process a bit:

URH is already packaged in other distributions like Fedora ( or Suse (



2020-03-25 13:17

administrator   ~0012531

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~

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