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0004299Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2018-05-07 01:51
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Summary0004299: PSKracker is a new WPA/WPS toolkit for generating default keys/pins
DescriptionPSKracker is a collection of WPA/WPA2/WPS default algorithms/password generators/pingens written in C. This is useful for testing/auditing wireless networks and contains bleeding edge algorithms. More are to be supported in the future as they are discovered. Piping into password recovery tools is supported as well (hashcat, aircrack, pyrit, etc).
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soxrok2212 (reporter)



kimocoder (reporter)

This tool is very interesting. cloned it yesterday and it looks very promising. Thanks


g0tmi1k (administrator)

Name: PSKracker
Version: 0.2
Homepage: https://github.com/soxrok2212/PSKracker
Download: https://github.com/soxrok2212/PSKracker/archive/0.2.tar.gz
License: GNU v3.0 (https://github.com/soxrok2212/PSKracker/blob/master/LICENSE)
Description: PSKracker is a collection of WPA/WPA2/WPS default algorithms/password generators/pingens written in C.


dookie (administrator)

This tool could be interesting but until it has better documentation, I would not recommend adding it to Kali.


soxrok2212 (reporter)

What type of documentation are you looking for? Anything specific?


kimocoder (reporter)

Well, some more documentation would be great. Like:

* Complete usage examples
* Howto obtain 'serial number'



dookie (administrator)

What does the program do? It claims to be an all-in-one toolkit but doesn't have any usage information. Does it manage the wireless interface? Does it handle packet injection?

Why should someone use this tool over others, like aircrack-ng, wifite, pixiewps, etc?


soxrok2212 (reporter)

Well, per the description, "PSKracker is a collection of WPA/WPA2/WPS default algorithms/password generators/pingens written in C". This tool does not manage wireless interfaces or do any sort of hardware managing/controlling.

Reaver, bully, aircrack etc are all used primarily for
a. gathering data
b. testing some output from such gathered data

This tool is designed to use the gathered data and produce some output to be used for testing the security of your network... i.e for select ATT models, pass in the encryption type and model number and the output will be all possible 2.1 billion keys (pipe into hashcat with the network capture and you will find the key). For Xfinity, pass in the Mac, security type, and model and you will get the XHS-XXXXXXXX key. The documentation would be HUGE if every detail were included in the repository itself. Feel free to ask any more questions!


dookie (administrator)

We are not the audience for your tool, your potential users are. If they cannot figure out what it does and see examples of it working in the documentation, they will not use it, nor will it be packaged.


soxrok2212 (reporter)

I've added documentation to the Wiki.


Please let me know if there is anything more I can do.

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