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0004305Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2018-05-03 23:45
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Summary0004305: LFISuite v1.11
DescriptionName: LFISuite
Version: 1.11 (Not git tag'd)
Homepage: https://github.com/D35m0nd142/LFISuite
Download: https://github.com/D35m0nd142/LFISuite/archive/master.zip
License: GNU v3 (https://github.com/D35m0nd142/LFISuite/blob/master/COPYING.GPL)
Author: D35m0nd142
Dependencies: python python-termcolor python-requests
Age: June 2017 - Current
Similar tools: Uniscan / Fimap
Description: Totally Automatic LFI Exploiter (+ Reverse Shell) and Scanner

LFI Suite is a totally automatic tool able to scan and exploit Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities using many different methods of attack, listed in the section Features.
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dookie (administrator)

This program works great under Kali. It has the following installation depends:

python python-termcolor python-requests


g0tmi1k (administrator)

Emailed the author for a git tag release

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