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0004413Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2018-09-11 16:48
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Product Version2017.3 
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Summary0004413: Problems with installing Kali Linux
DescriptionGuys, I'm trying to install Kali Lunix. I creating a Bootable Kali Linux USB Drive using Rufus, Partition GPT, File system fat32. I launch the flash drive via F12 in the BIOS. A small installer appears in a quarter of the screen, I click on Install and then there are graphic artifacts!


Name - Acer S3-391-33314G52add
CPU - Intel Core i3-3227U 1.90GHz
GPU - Intel HD Graphics 4000
RAM - 4 Гб DDR3 1600 MHz
Steps To ReproduceI tried to solve the problem with the help of parameters, "nomodeset quiet splash", but the same thing happened.

Link to video - https://vimeo.com/245737103
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Zaed (reporter)

I have the same behaviour occuring on my HP Elitebook 745 G2.

When I boot up from the LiveUSB, everything is presented correctly. I tried different desktop environments in order to discard any problems linked to a specific one and they all presented the same behavior. Tired 2017.3 and 2018.1 with the same results


hashan (reporter)

try with DD image mode in rufus


atdtphreaker (reporter)


Yes, try with "dd"... I've done it many times on several different machines with ZERO issues -> as recent as last week.


Zaed (reporter)

I've tried to install from a USB image created in DD mode and the outcome is the same. I get garbled text and can't procede with the installation.


rhertzog (administrator)

Do you have the same problem with plain Debian? Try with https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/weekly-builds/amd64/iso-cd/debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso and report back please.


Zaed (reporter)

I had a problem installing the image you had indicated @rhertzog. I kept getting a grub prompt and couldn't start the graphical install. I created a boot drive with debian-9.3.0-amd64-netinst and I started the graphical install. I got the same results as with the Kali image, garbled text.


rhertzog (administrator)

Ok, I'm afraid that you will have to use the text installer until this gets fixed. We don't have the resources to investigate all hardware support issues. Maybe you can report this to Debian and someone can help you track this down. It's not clear where the problem lies, possibly in the kernel or in xorg.

You might want to do a search about the Linux support of the video card in your computer.


g0tmi1k (administrator)

Due to the age of the OS (Kali Moto [v1], Kali Safi [v2], Kali Rolling 2016.x/2017.x), these legacy versions are no longer supported.
We will be closing this ticket due to inactivity.

Please could you see if you are able to replicate this issue with the latest version of Kali Linux - https://www.kali.org/downloads/)?

If you are still facing the same problem, feel free to re-open the ticket. If you choose to do this, could you provide more information to the issue you are facing,and also give information about your setup?
For more information, please read: https://kali.training/topic/filing-a-good-bug-report/

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