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0004488Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2018-01-29 11:18
Assigned Torhertzog 
Product Version2017.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version2018.1 
Summary0004488: Gnome Shell crash when you plug an USB device
Descriptionso whenever i try to plug my tablet to my kali machine via USB the machine crashes and the screen goes suddenly black and it takes me to the login screen all over again.
Steps To Reproducejust plug any device via USB port
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has duplicate 0004492closedrhertzog 2018.1 Gnome interface 
has duplicate 0004493closedrhertzog Gnome Desktop Blank/Crashed when mount or umount disk 
has duplicate 0004497closed The user session is closed when iphone connected through USB 



j_jito (reporter)

I confirm that.

I had the same issue when I plug-in my external hard drive.

Whether I plug-in or plug-out any usb device, the X sessions is restarted.


johnny_moss (reporter)

When I attached a 32GB USB thumb drive I got the black screen for a moment, then normal service was resumed.
When I attached a 64GB drive, I got the black screen and was then directed to the login screen.
I'm unable to ascertain whether the storage capacity of the device is a factor, or if it's affecting USB type 2, or type 3 ports (or both).
It only started happening within the last 48hrs.


your.prabhjeetsingh (reporter)

Yes this bug exist.

When I plug my pendrive to my laptop it blacks out and put me to login screen.
I think problem is due to the extensions(Tweak tool).

Just turn extensions off and everything is working fine.


rhertzog (administrator)

It would be nice if you could follow the best practices for bugs... that is provide some useful log. Please have a look at the output of "journalctl" and paste here the messages that appear right after you plugged your USB device. TIA.

If disabling all extensions works, can you try to pin-point which extension is causing the problem exactly? Enable only one extension, try to plug your USB device. If it doesn't crash, try enabling a second extension, try to plug your USB device, etc. until you get back the crash at which point we know which extension is causing the problem (you can possibly guess it from the logs and directly try with the extension that you expect to cause the problem).


creadpag (reporter)

The problem is in the extension dash to dock


1fpppostiinfo (reporter)

No; disabling dash to dock extension didn't solve the problem, I tried with all the extensions that I got on my machine, I disabled them for a while then I connected my device via all the USB ports and the same thing every time, I don't think it's due to some extension


creadpag (reporter)

clear this!


creadpag (reporter)

disable the "places status indicator" extension


1fpppostiinfo (reporter)

here are my extensions I disabled them all !


1fpppostiinfo (reporter)

I correct; actually I just disabled them all entirely and I couldn't reproduce the bug so we can be sure that the bug is due to some extension


sbrun (manager)

I reproduce this bug.
I confirm : disable the extension "places status indicator" solves the issue.


sbrun (manager)

the issue is caused by the latest version of libgjs0g 1.50.2-3.
Downgrading to version 1.50.2-2 fixes this.


rhertzog (administrator)

I tried 1.50.3-1 from Debian unstable and it also crashes.

I filed a bug on gjs upstream: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gjs/issues/33


sbrun (manager)

fixed in gnome-shell-extensions version 3.26.2-2kali2

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