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0004725Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2018-10-30 11:21
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Status closedResolutionsuspended 
Product Version2018.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004725: gnuradio companion
Descriptiongnuradio companion has stoped working as of the latest buiild of the gnuradio package.

# gnuradio-companion

Error: ( A window pops up)

Window title: ImportError

Window body:
Cannot import gnuradio.

Is the model path environment variable set correctly?

Is the library path environment variable set correctly?
    Windows: PATH

(No module named _runtime_swig)

Steps To Reproduce1) install kali-linux-sdr

2) gnuradio-companion

There will be an error message displayed

I have reproduced this on many installs. I just freshly installed off of "kali-linux-2018-W18-amd64.iso:

then did a apt install kali-linux-sdr

then tried gnuradio-companion
Additional InformationHappy to help get this working.

dpkg --status gnuradio
Package: gnuradio
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: comm
Installed-Size: 84326
Maintainer: A. Maitland Bottoms <>
Architecture: amd64
Multi-Arch: foreign
Version: 3.7.11-8



2018-08-09 15:42

reporter   ~0009436

This bug has been fixed in gnuradio


2018-08-11 23:28

reporter   ~0009441

But the latest version is in Kali-rolling


2018-08-12 10:53

reporter   ~0009442

> But the latest version is in Kali-rolling

The issue was reported 3 months ago and was for Version: 3.7.11-8. A lot of versions were released since then in Debian Testing [1], not all imported in Kali-rolling [2], but it was fixed in and the later versions contains the fix as well.



2018-10-30 11:21

administrator   ~0009864

Due to the age of the OS (Kali Moto [v1], Kali Safi [v2], Kali Rolling 2016.x/2017.x/2018.1), these legacy versions are no longer supported.
We will be closing this ticket due to inactivity.

Please could you see if you are able to replicate this issue with the latest version of Kali Linux -

If you are still facing the same problem, feel free to re-open the ticket. If you choose to do this, could you provide more information to the issue you are facing, and also give information about your setup?
For more information, please read:

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