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Summary0004736: [Debian Package] Update Usage Examples of onesixtyone
root@kali:~# onesixtyone 
onesixtyone 0.3.2 [options] <host> <community>
  -c <communityfile> file with community names to try
  -i <inputfile>     file with target hosts
  -o <outputfile>    output log
  -d                 debug mode, use twice for more information

  -w n               wait n milliseconds (1/1000 of a second) between sending packets (default 10)
  -q                 quiet mode, do not print log to stdout, use with -l
examples: ./s -c dict.txt public
          ./s -c dict.txt -i hosts -o my.log -w 100


Should not be ./s but onesixtyone


related to 0005005 resolvedsbrun [Debian Package] Onesixtyone bug fixed on latest version 




2018-05-08 14:49

administrator   ~0009144

The source is missing?



2018-05-08 20:39

administrator   ~0009150

This package is not Kali specific. It's maintained in Debian. In fact the packages hasn't seen an updated in ten years:

Can you open a Debian bug report about this? Is this package important? If yes, we might want to get it maintained by the pkg-security team in Debian so that we can take care of it when needed.

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