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0005005Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2019-04-08 12:37
ReporterAl3xG Assigned Tosbrun  
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Summary0005005: [Debian Package] Onesixtyone bug fixed on latest version

Hi all,
The version of Onesixtyone provided by Kali (0.3.2) is quite old and affected by a very annoying bug with community strings longer than 16 chars.
The new version provided here: (0.7) doesn't have that problem.
Hope this gets updated, I know is a pretty old tool but still pretty useful in some engagements.


related to 0004736 assigned [Debian Package] Update Usage Examples of onesixtyone 




2018-09-21 08:46

administrator   ~0009757

This package is not maintained by Kali. I forwarded this request to Debian:

Where did you see version 0.7 ? There are not tagged releases on the GitHub page and even the version embedded in the C file says 0.3.3.



2018-09-21 12:07

reporter   ~0009758

Sorry there seems to be various updated versions around. v0.7 is here:

Didn't try the version hosted in that github repo.



2018-09-21 12:09

administrator   ~0009759

Looks like is a fork of the project

An enhanced version of Solar Eclipse’s SNMP Community string guessing tool.

This is an updated version of Solar Eclipse’s SNMP bruteforcing tool. 


2018-09-21 12:32

administrator   ~0009760

Can you try out the version in the GitHub git repository and let us know if it also fixes the "annoying issue" that you are reporting in this ticket?



2019-03-29 09:49

administrator   ~0010448

I think we should keep the version from the github repository, it seems to be maintained. The version on doesn't seem maintained any longer.

But we should ask the maintainer of the github repository to actually tag releases so that we can follow updates this way.

Given the lack of answer on our Debian bug, we should likely also take over the package in the pkg-security team.



2019-04-02 13:11

manager   ~0010473

upstream issue to ask a new tagged release:



2019-04-02 13:12

manager   ~0010474

in github version I think community strings are limited to 32 chars.



2019-04-08 12:37

manager   ~0010486

new version 0.3.3~git20190328-1 is now in kali-dev.

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