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Summary0005204: SlackPirate - Slack Enumeration and Sensitive Information Extraction Tool
  • [Name] - SlackPirate
  • [Version] - The latest version listed in
  • [Homepage] -
  • [Download] -
  • [Author] - Mikail Tunç
  • [Licence] - Distributed on Github - GNU General Public License
  • [Description] - The tool enumerates Slack Workspaces (given a cookie or token), extracts sensitive information and dumps the results to files
  • [Dependencies] - Tested on a fresh install of Kali 2018.4 and the tool worked straight out of the box - no dependencies needed fetching. Nonetheless, here is what the tool needs to work: Python 3 and the following Python modules: requests, colorama, termcolor, pathlib, argparse
  • [Similar tools] - There is a tool called SlackExtract however it is written in PowerShell and does not have as many features as this tool (SlackExtract will attempt to pull all messages and all files which is not very scalable on very large Workspaces whereas SlackPirate is more precise and searches for certain interesting keywords)
  • [Activity] - Project started in late December 2018 and is being actively developed. There are a number of active contributors making the tool better every day.
  • [How to install] - Python script with some dependencies (Kali 2018.4 seems to have all the dependencies already installed) so a straight forward python3 --help is all that is required to get started
  • [How to use] - SlackPirate --help to view the help context. --cookie used to provide a cookie and grab all Workspaces and tokens. --token to start the extraction and dumping phase.




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@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~

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