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0005391Kali Linux[All Projects] Tool Upgradepublic2019-04-14 14:23
ReportersalvationAssigned Tosbrun 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version2019.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005391: armitage will not "find attacks" properly
Descriptionarmitage will not "find attacks" properly. To recreate the issue Here is what happens in it's simplest form.
I open armitage, i scan a network with the nmap scan "tcp no ping" (but it happens no matter how you run a scan or what scan you use) i enter I.P range and let the scan run. It completes and a popup states to "click find attacks" as usual. Now when I click "find attacks" instead of seeing the popup run a exploit check and a bar progress from left to right in the popup, It skips rite to the end stating attacks have been found but it seems as if no search occurred at all and no targets on my board have a attacks tab. I ran the scan on my lab as well which I know has vulnerable boxes so that is how I confirmed the bug. I also this morning build 2 kali boxes that were not customized besides one of them having bleeding edge repos, I wanted to test this fully before bringing it to the attention of the bug tracker board. This is a issue across the board and every scan I run on all boxes produces the same results . Hopefully this was enough info to help fix the issue
Steps To Reproducesimply open armitage and run a scan (nmap or msf) on any network . When it's done click find attacks
Additional InformationI checked this bug on a custom built kali box, regular kali box and a kali box with bleeding repos and it is a issue across the board



2019-04-12 14:45

manager   ~0010501

I reproduced this issue with metasploit version >= 5.0.14


2019-04-12 16:24

reporter   ~0010502

I am currently using metasploit 5.0.16 and the issue is still in full effect


2019-04-14 14:23

reporter   ~0010504

Not sure if this actually will help , and I feel it has nothing to do with the issue. But just in case, I do not run Gnome like the majority of the planet. I am running K.D.E

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