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0005418Kali Linux[All Projects] Queued Tool Additionpublic2019-11-03 16:28
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Summary0005418: XSRFProbe: The Prime CSRF Audit and Exploitation Tool
DescriptionName: XSRFProbe
Version: v2
Author: Infected Drake <0xInfection>
Description: XSRFProbe is an advanced Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF) Audit and Exploitation Toolkit. Equipped with a Powerful Crawling Engine and Numerous Systematic Checks, it is now able to detect most cases of CSRF vulnerabilities, their related bypasses and futher generate (maliciously) exploitable proof of concepts with each found vulnerability.
Detailed Wiki:
Steps To ReproduceUsage:
python3 [-h] [-u URL] [-c COOKIE] [-o OUTPUT] [-d DELAY]
                            [-q] [-v] [--user-agent USER_AGENT]
                            [--headers HEADERS] [--exclude EXCLUDE]
                            [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--max-chars MAXCHARS]
                            [--crawl] [--no-analysis] [--malicious]
                            [--skip-poc] [--display] [--update]
                            [--random-agent] [--version]

More details:

Additional InformationThis is the one and only complete CSRF audit and exploitation toolkit available on GitHub.



2019-04-30 03:19



2019-10-28 13:29

administrator   ~0011237

Please could we package this


2019-10-28 15:07

reporter   ~0011254

Hi @g0tm1lk, thank you so much. I'm on the process of packaging it properly.


2019-10-30 17:17

reporter   ~0011266

Hi @g0tmi1k, I made a new release v2.1 and packaged XSRFProbe up in the same release. Now XSRFProbe can be installed via pip too.

Source Code as Package:
New Release:
On Pypi:

Is there anything else you require from me?


2019-11-03 12:41

reporter   ~0011273

Hi @g0tmi1k, a new release for xsrfprobe is out fixing a minor bug within the cookie handling feature.

Version: 2.1.1
On Pypi:

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