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0005429Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2019-05-08 21:04
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Summary0005429: Joy - capturing and analyzing network flow data
DescriptionJoy is a libpcap-based software package for extracting data features from live network traffic or packet capture (pcap) files, using a flow-oriented model similar to that of IPFIX or Netflow, and then representing these data features in JSON. It also contains analysis tools that can be applied to these data files. Joy can be used to explore data at scale, especially security and threat-relevant data.
Steps To Reproduce- [Name] - Joy
- [Version] - 4.3.0
- [Homepage] -
- [Download] -
- [Author] - Cisco
- [Licence] - BSD -
- [Description] - A package for capturing and analyzing network flow data and intraflow data, for network research, forensics, and security monitoring
- [Dependencies] - N/A
- [Similar tools] - aiengine
- [Activity] - 2019-05-06 Current
- [How to install] - ./configure --enable-gzip ; make all ; make install
- [How to use] - man joy


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