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0005440Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2019-08-15 14:05
ReporterGamb1t Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2019.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005440: SQLDict will not launch.
DescriptionSQLDict will not start due to an issue with wine32
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to start sqldict



2019-06-19 09:46

reporter   ~0010708

root@Anubis:/# sqldict
It looks like wine32 is missing, you should install it.
multiarch needs to be enabled first. as root, please
execute "dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update && apt-get install wine32"

Did you follow these steps?
If yes, I need more information about the error.


2019-08-08 22:04

developer   ~0010832

Hi! Thank you for bumping this reply, I was going to respond however it had slipped out of my mind. Yes, that is the solution to the issue. This report was made to keep a log of an issue that will be fixed in Kali when it is possible. Currently, there is no great way to have wine32 on a 64-bit system.


2019-08-09 09:36

reporter   ~0010839

Hi! I got it!
I'm just guessing I don't think it will be fixed as you expect. You know, it's not a Kali issue. In any other Linux if you wanna run it in 64-bit you gonna face the same situation. (:
Btw, I got your msg on IRC. (:


2019-08-15 14:05

administrator   ~0010884

There's no good solution to this issue... we could enable multi-arch by default but it has a high cost (downloading all package metadata twice) that I don't want to impose to everybody, we can't really add a cross-architecture dependency either, or the package would not be installable unless you have multi-arch configured.

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