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0005511Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Improvementpublic2019-06-03 12:09
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Summary0005511: urlcrazy - Fix usage example (+ unexpected output)
g0tmi1k@kali-dev:~$ urlcrazy
/usr/share/urlcrazy/tld.rb:81: warning: key "2nd_level_registration" is duplicated and overwritten on line 81
/usr/share/urlcrazy/tld.rb:89: warning: key "2nd_level_registration" is duplicated and overwritten on line 89
/usr/share/urlcrazy/tld.rb:91: warning: key "2nd_level_registration" is duplicated and overwritten on line 91
URLCrazy version 0.5
by Andrew Horton (urbanadventurer)

Generate and test domain typos and variations to detect and perform typo squatting, URL hijacking,
phishing, and corporate espionage.

Supports the following domain variations:
Character omission, character repeat, adjacent character swap, adjacent character replacement, double
character replacement, adjacent character insertion, missing dot, strip dashes, singular or pluralise,
common misspellings, vowel swaps, homophones, bit flipping (cosmic rays), homoglyphs, wrong top level
domain, and wrong second level domain.

Usage: /usr/bin/urlcrazy [options] domain

 -k, --keyboard=LAYOUT Options are: qwerty, azerty, qwertz, dvorak (default: qwerty)
 -p, --popularity Check domain popularity with Google
 -r, --no-resolve Do not resolve DNS
 -i, --show-invalid Show invalid domain names
 -f, --format=TYPE Human readable or CSV (default: human readable)
 -o, --output=FILE Output file
 -h, --help This help
 -v, --version Print version information. This version is 0.5


Can `/usr/bin/` be removed?
Can `warning: key "2nd_level_registration"` be removed?


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