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0005526Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2021-05-18 11:00
Reportergcla Assigned Tosbrun  
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Product Version2019.2 
Fixed in Versionkali-dev 
Summary0005526: termshark - a terminal UI for tshark

Termshark is written in golang, and is most easily compiled using golang >= 1.11 (i.e. golang with modules). In brief:

export GO111MODULE=on
export GOPATH=/tmp/termshark
mkdir -p $GOPATH
go get -d -v[email protected]
go build -ldflags="-X"

The binary will be $GOPATH/termshark. That's all that needs to be shipped.

Termshark depends on tshark at runtime, so tshark is a dependency.

I'm the author of termshark and more than happy to help with the work required to package termshark for Kali linux. If it helps, there is already a debian package for termshark in unstable here:




2019-06-09 21:54

reporter   ~0010661

Apologies, here are updated build instructions.

export GO111MODULE=on
cd /tmp/
git clone
cd termshark
git checkout v1.0.0
go install -ldflags="-X" ./...


2019-06-11 06:41


Termshark will not work, unless kali update wireshark to 3.0.2
This is the error I get when I launch it:

panic: runtime error: index out of range
goroutine 1 [running]:
main.makePacketListModel(0xc0000ee000, 0x4, 0xa, 0xc001ee0a60, 0x1, 0x1, 0xb45e20, 0xc000490000, 0xc0001c4c20)
/usr/gocode/src/ +0x721
main.updatePacketListWithData(0xc0000ee000, 0x4, 0xa, 0xc001ee0a60, 0x1, 0x1, 0xb45e20, 0xc000490000)
/usr/gocode/src/ +0x7e
main.updatePacketViews.BeforeBegin.func1.1.1.1(0xb45e20, 0xc000490000)
/usr/gocode/src/ +0xd0, 0xb45e20, 0xc000490000)
/usr/gocode/src/ +0x3a*App).RunThenRenderEvent(0xc000490000, 0xb39680, 0xab8d50)
/usr/gocode/src/ +0x47
/usr/gocode/src/ +0x61f2
/usr/gocode/src/ +0x4b

Github issue:



2019-06-11 07:07

manager   ~0010671

As termshark is now in Debian Unstable, we don't need to package it in Kali.
The Debian packages are automatically imported in kali-rolling when they are in Debian Testing.

We don't have wireshark version >= 3 in Kali for the moment. We will import the Debian package version 3.0.2-1~exp0
when it will be available.
Then we can import manually termshark in Kali (the migration to Debian Testing might be long due to the freeze)



2019-06-13 03:06

reporter   ~0010684

Thanks for the information. @j_lito - sorry, I didn't notice that github issue. I'll open it again - I don't believe version 3 of wireshark is necessary. I tested with tshark as old as 1.10.2, and am running happily now myself with 2.6.8. So I think something else might be going wrong when running termshark on your system. I'll ask more questions about that issue on github.

@sbrun - assuming termshark has no dependency on v3 of wireshark, would that change any potential plan for adding termshark to kali linux? Would it still be best to rely on termshark coming for "free" with debian testing -> kali rolling? Thanks!



2019-06-13 03:07

reporter   ~0010685

Sorry @j_jito, I mistyped your username!


2019-06-13 07:07


@gcla, I replied to the opened issue on your github page.



2019-06-13 14:28

manager   ~0010690

@gcla I just imported termshark in Kali.
I quickly tested the package and don't reproduce the issue even if wireshark version is lower than 3.*

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