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0005658Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2019-08-27 01:44
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Product Version2019.2 
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Summary0005658: Wifi dialog shows only partial list of available WiFi networks. Can't find the closest APs.
DescriptionIn 2019.2 x32 at any patch level, the Wifi dialog on the task bar shows only a partial list of available Wifi APs. It never shows my 5 GHz AP, and often fails to find my 2.4GHz AP. It sees several very weak 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz APs. I am not able to force it to connect to my AP via "Connect to a hidden WiFi network". I am never able to use my 5 GHz AP and only sometimes able to use my 2.4 GHz AP.
Steps To ReproduceInstall 2019.2. Patch or don't patch. startx. Click on network icon in upper right. Observe list of APs.
Additional InformationThese should be prioritized by signal strength and the list should permit more entries. It shows only six. If I patch it gets a flyout for More Networks, but that shows only three, and still not the closest ones. There are dozens of APs within range and my 5 GHz AP is the strongest signal by far. Raspbian has no trouble locating it and it is definitely prioritizing the list by signal strength. I watch it evaluate new APs and bump the weaker ones off the list. Kali does not do that. It seems to just show the first six pings it sees and never goes further.


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