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0005724Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2019-10-05 23:01
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Summary0005724: Add Findomain tool to Kali Linux repositories.
DescriptionHello, dear community.

I'm the developer of Findomain, a tool to discover, monitor and centralize subdomains data. The tool is written purely in Rust, means that can be used in any platform supported by the language, a big number currently. The tool offers a lot of features that current subdomains enumeration tools doesn't have like posting to Slack and Discord webhooks at time, use a relational database or hability to be used as a client for a main database server from any number of clients and have all the data centralized there.

For a detailed explanation of how can be used correctly, see

Language: Rust
Architecture: Any.
Build output: binary.


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