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0005838Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:48
ReporterKaliMark Assigned ToGamb1t  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2019.4 
Fixed in Version2020.1 
Summary0005838: Creating a Bootable Kali USB Drive on Windows with Rufus ends with grub> bash

Following the instructions to install Kali on USB from Win10, I always end up in GNU GRUB version 2.04-3kali.
Tried it 3 times, always the same result.
Also tried, same result.

Steps To Reproduce

I downloaded Kali 2019.4 to install it on a 32 GB USB drive and created it using Rufus 3.8.1580 (current version) on Win10 1903. I tried it with and without persistent partition.
When booting the stick I always end up on a black screen with gnu grub bash: grub >
I am getting familiar with Kali, but have unfortunately no clue about grub.

Please advise how to create the stick and update the manual.

Additional Information

I tried creating the thumb drive using win32diskimager-binar, which worked out. I was able to boot and login to kali. However, I was not able to adjust the partition size. Trying to use gparted for modification, gparted is not able to inspect the patition. Drive ist only shown as /dev/sdb, not mounted. Usually I can see the partitions of the USB drives.




2019-11-29 00:29

reporter   ~0011463

Hey KaliMark , I've found that Etcher solves the problem, Rufus in my experience has had issues with the latest linux distros. I believe its because their kernel support is not updated very frequently



2019-11-29 00:40

reporter   ~0011464 Kali Team I believe this should be the recommended iso/image writer

1.It's Open-Source
2.It's Faster and has More Support
3.Updates are more frequent and hence less reports like this
4.Cross-Platform and Flashing Validation

Just a suggestion.



2019-11-29 01:35

manager   ~0011466

I agree that Etcher will solve the problem. The doc page will be updated to swap from Rufus to Etcher, thanks for the report!



2019-11-29 01:44

reporter   ~0011467

Thanks Gamb1t , glad I could contribute!



2019-11-29 10:50

reporter   ~0011475

Hi Guys, awsome! Thanks for the quick support. This works. I am just wonderhin why they need 120 MB what rufus did with 1.2 MB... If Kali now factors the space needed by x 100, this would boost the USB-Stick industry ;-)
This issue can be closed.



2019-11-29 14:17

administrator   ~0011482

The documentation now refers to Etcher. Closing.

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