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0005891Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2019-12-11 07:22
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Summary0005891: VNCViewer shows black sub-windows
 I'm using Gnome as default session und lightdm as display manager. I log in on the graphical session about vnc. After the update of 06. December I only see black windows, if I click on any application. The main menu is normal. But if I click on firefox or terminal, the system shows me a black window. If I go local in the system on my pc, the graphical interface works fine. What's to do ?



2019-12-11 07:22

reporter   ~0011638

 as example I click on the Icon "Terminal". You see a black window. The next screenshot shows the result, if I do a right mouse click on the left upper edge on the window. It seems to be, as if the window is build but not activated.
 Another interesting thing: If I use the vncviewer of kali local - connecting localhost::5900 - the effect with the windows is the same !

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