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0006019Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2020-02-10 13:24
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Summary0006019: namechanger
Description- [Name] - The name of the tool

- [Version] - What version of the tool should be added?
    v0.9.0 (tag)

- [Homepage] - Where can the tool be found online? Where to go to get more information?

- [Download] - Where to go to get the tool?

- [Author] - Who made the tool?
    tasooshi (

- [Licence] - How is the software distributed? What conditions does it come with?
    BSD-3-Clause (

- [Description] - What is the tool about? What does it do?
    This script randomly changes host name, mimicking some typical setups used in business and home environments, e.g. DESKTOP-X46ZQM, Susanna, MIDDELKOOP-LTD-2FWHK4 etc.

- [Dependencies] - What is needed for the tool to work?
    python, python-pip, python-setuptools, hostnamegen (pypi,

- [Similar tools] - What other tools are out there?
    Couldn't find any so created one for my own needs.

- [How to install] - How do you compile it?
    git clone
    cd namechanger
    make install

- [How to use] - What are some basic commands/functions to demonstrate it?
    root@Susanne:~# namechanger && hostname



2020-02-10 13:24

administrator   ~0012054

I can't see this being useful on a pentest - there isn' a reason to alter it so much.
And you can quickly do it using standard unix tools

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