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0006054Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:48
Reporterexplisith Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2020.1 
Summary0006054: SETOOLKIT / KALI 2020.1 bug

set:webattack> IP address for the POST back in Harvester/Tabnabbing []
[-] SET supports both HTTP and HTTPS
[-] Example:
set:webattack> Enter the url to clone:

[] Cloning the website:
] This could take a little bit...

[!] Something went wrong, printing the error: name 'file' is not defined

Steps To Reproduce

Select from the menu:

1) Spear-Phishing Attack Vectors
2) Website Attack Vectors
3) Infectious Media Generator
4) Create a Payload and Listener
5) Mass Mailer Attack
6) Arduino-Based Attack Vector
7) Wireless Access Point Attack Vector
8) QRCode Generator Attack Vector
9) Powershell Attack Vectors
10) Third Party Modules

99) Return back to the main menu.

set> 2

The Web Attack module is a unique way of utilizing multiple web-based attacks in order to compromise the intended victim.

The Java Applet Attack method will spoof a Java Certificate and deliver a metasploit based payload. Uses a customized java applet created by Thomas Werth to deliver the payload.

The Metasploit Browser Exploit method will utilize select Metasploit browser exploits through an iframe and deliver a Metasploit payload.

The Credential Harvester method will utilize web cloning of a web- site that has a username and password field and harvest all the information posted to the website.

The TabNabbing method will wait for a user to move to a different tab, then refresh the page to something different.

The Web-Jacking Attack method was introduced by white_sheep, emgent. This method utilizes iframe replacements to make the highlighted URL link to appear legitimate however when clicked a window pops up then is replaced with the malicious link. You can edit the link replacement settings in the set_config if its too slow/fast.

The Multi-Attack method will add a combination of attacks through the web attack menu. For example you can utilize the Java Applet, Metasploit Browser, Credential Harvester/Tabnabbing all at once to see which is successful.

The HTA Attack method will allow you to clone a site and perform powershell injection through HTA files which can be used for Windows-based powershell exploitation through the browser.

1) Java Applet Attack Method
2) Metasploit Browser Exploit Method
3) Credential Harvester Attack Method
4) Tabnabbing Attack Method
5) Web Jacking Attack Method
6) Multi-Attack Web Method
7) HTA Attack Method

99) Return to Main Menu


The first method will allow SET to import a list of pre-defined web
applications that it can utilize within the attack.

The second method will completely clone a website of your choosing
and allow you to utilize the attack vectors within the completely
same web application you were attempting to clone.

The third method allows you to import your own website, note that you
should only have an index.html when using the import website

1) Web Templates
2) Site Cloner
3) Custom Import

99) Return to Webattack Menu

[-] Credential harvester will allow you to utilize the clone capabilities within SET
[-] to harvest credentials or parameters from a website as well as place them into a report


The way that this works is by cloning a site and looking for form fields to
rewrite. If the POST fields are not usual methods for posting forms this




2020-02-04 14:18

manager   ~0012004

It's fixed in upstream version 8.0.2 (see and

I just updated the package. The new version 8.0.2-0kali1 will be in kali-rolling in few hours.

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