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0006353Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:50
Reportervaniaamad Assigned To 
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Product Version2020.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006353: 100% CPU usage resulting system crash shutdown
Description have 64 bit installed on intel core i3 , when ever i brute force attack , (wifite,fern-wifi-cracker) everything system all 4 cpu jumps to 100% & after 5 mints its shuts down, i ve tried everything installing 32 bit , didn't work, then 64 bit , didn't work , did update & upgrade , had no luck , no solution in google as well , but i noticed its not me alone many other users are having the same issue.

it only happens when brute force starts , looking at htop , i see python3 causing 100% usage but things get out of hand when i get hand shake nd wordlist starts to crack all 4 CPU jumps to 100% resulting system shutdown.

i have the latest update & upgrade.

please help.



2020-07-14 15:17

reporter   ~0013085

The problem is in the processor,
 you have change processor to higher version which as higher threads(CORES).

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