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0006369Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2020-05-10 11:33
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Summary0006369: Since the beginning of kali until today, this problem has been down, crashed, and even the system directly lost files! ! ! Troub
Descriptionkali 自从创始以来直至今日,此问题一直存在宕机,崩溃,甚至系统直接丢失文件!!!麻烦重视以下!!!我用了接近3年了,一直存在此问题,装机不下100次!
第三系统是集成显卡vg8.cpu amd2500u

Since the beginning of kali until today, this problem has been down, crashed, and even the system directly lost files! ! ! Trouble attaches importance to the following! ! ! I have been using it for nearly 3 years, and this problem has always existed. It can't be installed more than 100 times!
The incident has been in contact with the Windowns system all the time. I did n’t like it later. The replacement of kali is currently the main system. I have not installed other systems, including life, study, work, etc., not examples, too many. But the problem is here. Since I use kali as the main system, it has been close to 3 years, countless downtimes, crashes, etc., resulting in reinstalling kali later! For the first time in such a long time feedback serious problems trouble attach importance to the following! Although I love kali and do n’t want to waste time on serious problems like installation and downtime, I do n’t mind replacing debian, ubuntu, centos, etc. I have had enough of this problem for three years, a single main system has this problem frequently!
Let me talk about the system, the first kali is my only main system, not a virtual machine.
The second system version 2018 is backed up by the gonme version and upgraded all the way.
The third system is integrated graphics vg8.cpu amd2500u
The fourth and most important point, emergency repair, trouble.
Only seeking stability and speed, these two points can not be achieved is a failed system
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