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0006398Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2020-05-19 18:40
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Product Version2020.2 
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Summary0006398: Change default python interpreter to python 3

Firstly, thank you guys for all that you do in building this amazing distribution and platform.

I am submitting for consideration changing from having Python 2.7 as the default python interpreter to instead default to python 3. You guys have been pushing for everyone to stop using Python 2, and for a little bit there, even removed python-pip2 as an available package in the repository. As you are encouraging users to move to python 3, I think it only makes sense the OS should come Out Of Box with python 3 as the set default interpreter. If not, at least have it setup 'update-alternatives' correctly so it's a best practice option for users to switch their preference.

As it stands, python 2 will come as default and we cannot reliable assumy python-pip2 will be available, making it for a broken framework, OOB. I did not see this entry in existing issues, but forgive me if this is already in the system.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install Kali 2020.2.
2. Open terminal and type `ls -al /usr/bin/python`
3. Note that it is a symlink to "python2"
4. Type `update-alternatives --list python`
5. Note that it contains no alternatives
Additional InformationKeep up the awesome work guys!


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