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0006410Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:50
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Summary0006410: No root on live? (whine)

Kali Linux was amazing distro for forensics and pentesting. Both things require having root enviroment so you dont spend time on messing with permissions and other things. It was one of its kind for quite a long time. Having all that root support patches made kali linux most useful tool for these particular purposes.

I downloaded 2020 build and what I see that it boots in userspace. Yes I can get to root with "sudo -i". But why have you done this? Whats the point? What makes kali linux then different from ubuntu? Preinstalled hacking tools? Srsly?
Or do you tryna protect some commoners that install it as main OS? They obviously dont need this distro if they dont know how to use root wisely or they can install it with user account if they really need kali and user account.

This is both ridiculous and sad nonsense to have a forensics distro without root environment by default and even on LIVE version. You are ruining the project completely the whole point of it. Are you going to remove root patches as well?

Hope it gets better soon, but I am forced to use 2019.4 version now because of these circumstances
Steps To Reproducejust boot it



2020-05-25 14:11



2020-05-26 04:52

reporter   ~0012836

Just how many times does this particular thing need to be addressed over and over and over again?

First of all, that's not a bug. You wanna post this in the forum:

Secondly: you're gonna wanna check the reason why Kali has moved away from default root login before actually posting about it:
P.s the news of Kali doing so was posted on December 31, 2019

Lastly: You can always sudo passwd root and then su..I don't think those 5 seconds are all the rage here.


2020-05-26 12:51

reporter   ~0012839

these 5 seconds are not 5 seconds basically its 5 seconds every time I open new shell and then permissions problems when working with webserver for example you copy files to /var/www you have to do chmod www-data and all that stuff, all that pain in the ass must be strictly avoided when you try to do things really fast. Theres no difference with ubuntu then. While under root I was able to edit any files with thunar and mousepad straight away without all that mess with sudo and chmod.

Havent yet tested dpkg-reconfigure kali-grant-root, I will check it out, but my argument is still actual - I have to do this again and again. I can also setup persistence, but same way I can just remaster your ISO, this is not a point of my whine, the point is that your recent changes make no sense.

You replying with that standard IT proverb like "this is not a bug, this is a new feature" but I see this as a serious bug for pentesting/forensics live distro. I think at least you should do a special grub boot root option so kali can boot under root like it was doing before, and it was perfect.

Not clear from your news post: Are you going to abandon completely root patches as well?
If yes you are basically following that annoying mainstream concept: "Software thinks its clever that humans". Its some sort of M$ way tho.


2020-05-26 12:54

reporter   ~0012840

And i'm glad I'm not the only one I hope you will get more whines and rethink your recent concepts


2020-05-26 13:17

reporter   ~0012841

Please be mindful that I'm a reporter just like you are. I'm not affiliated with Offensive Sec or Kali bug team in any way.
However, I'm giving you what I know and what people have been asking about ever so often on here.

As for having to do this for every shell, you can do the following:
1) sudo passwd root, and enter set some random_password
2) add this to your .bashrc (insecure, but you're going live anyway, so):

echo "random_password" | su

3) source .profile

This should pipe the password you set into su for every shell you drop into.
It's an extra step you have to go through after each reboot, but at least you won't have to keep entering said password for each new shell.

Your other option would be using a VM. But as far as default root login goes, I don't think they'll be reverting back to how it used to be.


2020-05-26 16:15

reporter   ~0012842

>As for having to do this for every shell, you can do the following:
>1) sudo passwd root, and enter set some random_password
>2) add this to your .bashrc (insecure, but you're going live anyway, so):
>echo "random_password" | su
>3) source .profile
Thanks for your responsiveness but this is barely a solution, I cant even call it a proper workaround. I can achieve root different ways same ways that I'm using in ubuntu, but why do I need kali then? I can just install same software in ubuntu since theres no difference and I cant have live pentesting/forensics distro out of the box anyway.

>But as far as default root login goes, I don't think they'll be reverting back to how it used to be.
this is sad
forced to switch to other distro then, some blackarch or other possible options
if its so as you said then kali is officially dead for me


2020-05-26 16:33

reporter   ~0012843

Sorry, mate, but like I said, I'm merely trying to help. I know it's a half-assed workaround, but yeah..

I would recommend trying dpkg-reconfigure kali-grant-root, getting Kali on a VM, or going the extra mile of customizing an ISO

Beyond that, for the time being, I'm afraid that's gonna be the status quo that prevails. Best of luck, mate

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