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0006416Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:50
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Product Version2020.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006416: keyboard shortcut add bug (Klavye kısayol ekleme hatası)
DescriptionI wanted to add a new shortcut to the keyboard and system down.



2020-05-31 04:17


gfh.jpg (201,951 bytes)
gfh.jpg (201,951 bytes)


2020-06-05 22:28

reporter   ~0012884

What path do you for setting up a keyboard shortcut?


2020-06-06 15:57

reporter   ~0012889

settings>keyboard>application shortcut>add


2020-06-06 20:19

reporter   ~0012890

Could you change your shell? Test it with gnome.


2020-06-06 21:51

reporter   ~0012892

I'm new in this system, so is this a version error?


2020-06-08 17:56

reporter   ~0012900

OK, So do this:
1) Logout or restart Kali
2) On the login screen select the username you want to login with that.
3) After selecting the username, In the right-bottom corner of the login screen, you can see a gear icon.
4) Click on the gear and select another shell


If you have no other shell, you can do this:
1) Login to Kali
2) Open terminal and enter the command "sudo apt-get install lightdm"
3) Enter the command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"
4) Restart Kali
5) In the login screen after selecting the username, clicks on the gear and select lightdm

Please note that: Personally I don't like Xfce yet so I don't use it and I like KDE and Gnome absolutely! :)

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