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0006458Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2021-06-22 18:50
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Summary0006458: Cardpeek, support for google pay/apple/samsung pay, etc

Some updates here, I wanna have and

Some comments "--mtime @1 --clamp-mtime" should be there instead of just "taropts="--sort=name --clamp-mtime" in . Otherwise instructions are here: (do not look into Produced binaries do not run yet, it was fixed)




2020-10-19 18:11

reporter   ~0013577

So can we get it? I was using it for some time, works great.



2021-01-09 13:51

reporter   ~0014080

So, somebody just updated yesterday cardpeek to 0.8.4-1.1 but not to 0.8.5? Why??



2021-06-22 18:50

reporter   ~0014749

Also a very important pull that can check your PIN on debit card (contactless does not support offline PIN, only online at least on VISA and mastercard)! It really works on contact chip.

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