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0006516Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2020-06-28 09:55
Reportersapien Assigned Tog0tmi1k  
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Summary0006516: Unable to SSH to AWS AMI instance [Kali Linux 2020.1a]

Impossible to connect to any port nor ping.

AMI ID: Kali Linux 2020.1a-8b7fdfe3-8cd5-43cc-8e5e-4e0e7f4139d5-ami-05c2d7ea6af4b44d7.4 (ami-00f7390b60c41a3c0)

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create new EC2 instance with public IP in us-east-2 region
  2. Once the machine is running, try to connect, e.g "EC2 Instance Connect (browser-based SSH connection)"
Additional Information

There's log of SSH server starting, but never that it started successfully:

Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server...
Starting Permit User Sessions...
Starting Hostname Service...
[ OK ] Started Permit User Sessions.
Starting Hold until boot process finishes up...
Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen...

Kali GNU/Linux Rolling kali ttyS0

kali login:




2020-06-28 07:08

reporter   ~0013007

The issue has been resolved with the update of the AMI image to Kali 2020.2



2020-06-28 09:55

administrator   ~0013008

Thanks for reporting back.


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