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0006604Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2020-07-27 09:34
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Summary0006604: ettercap 0.8.3 crashes with segmentation fault, if the option "redir_command_on" is active in the config-file
 the main trouble for the user occurs, if he uses the grafical interface. After clicking the "Accept" buttom, ettercap ends without any comment. In the text-mode the situation shows itself in the following manner:


ettercap --iface eth0 -T

ettercap 0.8.3 copyright 2001-2019 Ettercap Development Team

Listening on:
  eth0 -> my mac address
          my ip ipv4/
          my ip ipv6/64

set_redir_commands(): cannot remove the redirect, did you uncomment the redir_command_off command on your etter.conf file?
set_redir_commands(): cannot setup the redirect for IPv6, did you uncomment the redir6_command_on command on your etter.conf file?

Ooops ! This shouldn't happen...
Segmentation Fault...

Please recompile in debug mode, reproduce the bug and send a bugreport

 Have a nice day!


Here the user sees the helpful message for uncommending the option "redir_command_off" in the config-file. The problem is solved, if the user comment the option "redir_command_on" in the config-file.

Someone, who only uses the grfaical interface, can never react on the problem



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