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0006726Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-09-20 22:11
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Product Version2020.3 
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Summary0006726: Installed kali on my laptop and get black screen after boot
DescriptionSo I have seen variations of my issue but none of mine. I installed Kali 2020.3 via installer using Rufus onto my inspiron 14 3000 laptop, after the install I switched boots back to my native HDD and it boots to GRUB (which i can interact with) and asks how I want to boot but no matter the option I choose it runs for a second then black screens. I am talking no backlightong and no interactivity until i hard reset the laptop. Any ideas?
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2020-09-18 18:34

reporter   ~0013452

what systems do you have on this laptop what method did you choose iso or dd in rufus maybe grub is corrupted because maybe something happened while installation grub do you have bootable usb with linux if so boot form usb and check boot.log grub.cfg and dump what its inside after you choose to boot for e.g kali you could press esc and see if this will give you something in grub menu select the “*Advanced options for GNU/Linux” option then press e find the line beginning with “Linux.” After, look for “ro,” and change it “rw.” Add init=/bin/bash at the end of the line. f10 and bash shell will appear then type mount -n -o remount,rw / then check dmesg journalctl boot.log grub.cfg and do a picture will see what happens after you collect infos type exec /sbin/init and then we will be thinking whats next and you must prepare that there is possibility that you will must reinstall completely kali.


2020-09-20 22:10

reporter   ~0013467

Wipe your flash drive, use etcher to write the usb ( and then go into BIOS and disable secure boot if your system has it. Rufus has caused issues with kali for sometime and is better for windows installations. This will of course require re-installation of Kali.

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