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0006735Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-09-25 17:13
Reporterwerner Assigned To 
PriorityhighSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version2020.3 
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Summary0006735: Login loop (never ending)
DescriptionComputer locket up in a never ending loop for login.

Computer boots up as normally and the graphic login screen pops up.

Input the user name and password.

Screen goes black for a second before the login screen pops up again asking for user name and password.

Can log into the console as normal.

Added a new user whilst in console mode. Can with the new account log in as usual BUT using the first username the computer is stuck in a login screen loop
Additional InformationCan log into the system using another user name wich I created whilst being in the console.

Using the first user name, I'll be stuck in the login screen loop.

Found a few tips on the net but they were dated with two years and did not work. IE sudo apt update -f, sudo apt upgrade -f, doing the X-session reinstall.

Did check out the error log file and it was nothing in the file indicating that it was an error at all trying to log in.



2020-09-23 08:35

reporter   ~0013475

service gdm3 status whats output because i had same problem when i tried to install new graphical env and i choose incorrect display manager and it happened the same thing what in your case
and try this (only if you have gnome!!!!!):
cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager it should be
update-alternatives --config x-session-manager
you should choose /usr/bin/gnome-session
and reboot
kali should display a desktop


2020-09-23 08:59

reporter   ~0013479

i forget after first comand type dpkg-reconfigure gdm3 and choose gdm3 and then next steps


2020-09-23 09:36

reporter   ~0013481

Thanks Michu.

I'm running on a low end laptop so I'm using LXDE as a window manager.

Will try out your suggestion


2020-09-25 17:13

reporter   ~0013494

but remember choose lxde if this is your preinstalled graphical environment if not then choose that is f.e if you have xfce4 and you want to install gnome then after making sure that your environment BY DEFAULT BEFORE installation gnome is xfce4 and then follow these lines i typed but if you want to go back to xfce4 just go from second command and choose startxfce4-session instead of gnome-session ok.

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