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0006740Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-09-22 14:49
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Product Version2020.3 
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Summary0006740: Mouse not working in both Kali(Guest) and Arch(Host) while in VIrtualbox
DescriptionI installed Kali Linux as Guest OS while the Host OS is Arch Linux. Whenever I go to Full-screen mode and return back to normal screen mode, the Mouse/Touchpad click is not working. I can move the cursor, but cannot click/tap or scroll through anything in both Guest OS (Kali) and Host OS (Arch).

The steps provided to reproduce fail rarely, but I can assure you it happens randomly each time when you stat up the VM and surf a bit.

When I shutdown my Guest(Kali) VM, then the mouse/touchpad operates normally as before.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install Kali Linux as Guest and fully update the Guest OS.
2. Reboot the VM.
3. Switch to full screen mode with Host+F.
4. Again, switch to normal screen mode with Host+F.

Now, the mouse/touchpad stops working except moving the cursor in both Host(Arch) and Guest(Kali) OSs
Additional InformationMy Laptop Specs:

Lenovo L340-15IWL
Intel i5-8265U
Intel UHD Graphics 620



2020-09-22 14:49


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