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0006779Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:48
Reporterwrathofgod Assigned Tosteev  
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Product Version2020.3 
Summary0006779: GUI Black Screen / Bash Terminal type

Once all the issues i got installing KL, finally, connecting with the GUI,
a black screen showed up (exactly the same as the Bash Terminal).

Didn't see the beautiful Kali Linux Desktop :-(

Steps To Reproduce

In Bash terminal,
ip add
Get the ip
Open the remote access
Type the ip and user

then, black screen bash terminal type open.

Additional Information

Learning from the masters (you tech guys)
Thank you for your patience and knowledge

-Couldn't get the screen shot, as i don't know how to get it remotley




2020-10-10 00:02

manager   ~0013547

Which remote access are you using? Have you tried ?



2020-10-10 00:07

manager   ~0013548

Keep in mind that WSL does not come with a desktop installed by default, and very few tools. So you may want to read over the documentation we have at



2020-10-12 01:35

reporter   ~0013549

Steev... i already installed "kex version" but nothing happened.
Also, i installed "large" just in case, but nothing also.



2020-10-12 01:42

manager   ~0013550

How are you "connecting to the GUI", as you put it?

Can you give the exact steps you're running? I can't reproduce the issue here at all.



2020-10-12 01:48

reporter   ~0013551

How to

  1. Remotely: Once inside Bash terminal, type
    a. ip add
    b. Choose the 4: and use the 1st ip add
    c. Open the remote access and type the ip add and user

    nothing happened but just a black screen like the same bash terminal

  2. Using the Terminal (multi terminal)
    a. Once installed the "kex version" it supposed pop up as an option in that terminal to open it as GUI.

    nothing happened.



2020-10-12 01:56

manager   ~0013552

You're misunderstanding the documentation for kex - it doesn't and can't create an option in the Windows Terminal application. You have to add those to your settings manually, or you can run "kex" or "kex --win" to run it in fullscreen/windowed mode - or run "kex --sl" to run it in "seamless" mode -

And again, if you want those options in Windows Terminal, you will need to add them yourself by choosing whichever ones you want from and enter them in the settings from Windows Terminal (either via selecting the Settings option from the dropdown, or using "Ctrl+," assuming you haven't changed the default keybind for it.



2020-10-12 02:02

manager   ~0013553

As to remote access - that uses rdp, so you need to make sure to start the xrdp service (I'm assuming you have) - you may have to restart xrdp's service "sudo service xrdp restart" after having installed a desktop (or kex, which pulls one in when you "apt install kali-win-kex" unless you tell it not to install recommends) - but again, I can't reproduce the issue with xrdp as when I connect (i just use localhost:port for the connection) it loads my desktop here.

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