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0006805Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2020-11-18 17:37
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Product Version2020.3 
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Summary0006805: Can't reduce Brightness on Alienware

I've trying to reduce brightness on my Alienware without success.

My configurations are:
Monitor: XWAYLAND0
Alienware R15 R3
Nvidia GeForce 1060
16gb RAM

Is there anything else you need to know?
Steps To ReproduceI tried the following options:

Installing drivers



2020-10-27 13:56

reporter   ~0013594

I've been trying* (sorry for the typo)


2020-11-04 11:44

reporter   ~0013631

That's because Alienware has two graphics card (Nvidia and Intel) and the Nvidia card is primarily used. So basically the Intel card is a passenger and in this case Windows OS is able to control the brightness but Linux cannot because of the Nvidia graphics card situation plus there's a bunch of stuff about nvidia and linux you will find online and some of them aren't pretty and you will most likely have to find ways to get products from Nividia to operate with linux and these include downloading drivers or just plain simple jumping through hoops just to get things to run smoothly. I mean you could do a bunch of research on how to get "things" working but you most likely just want to rip out you hair but your most best off just running kali linux on probably any other laptop/desktop without nvidia in the mix but remember there will most likely be a "Linux Solution" to problems and you never know you might find a way.

If everything works and you're able to do penetration testing and hacking and your only problem is the brightness then you can either deal with it or some how find a way to fix it or use Kali on a different laptop/desktop.

 just remember when picking out a Stable Distribution for your needs, you gotta keep in mind of hardware and in this case Intel is good.


2020-11-17 14:02

reporter   ~0013687

Thanks for the reply... I had a previous version of KaliLinux with this exact same Alienware and Xcalib worked. However, when I upgraded the to the latest version of Kali, things went south. So, I was wondering if maybe there was an existing solution. Anyway, I'll roll back to that Kali version and finally I'll be able to work without burning my eyes. Also, have you tried KaliLinux on Amazon WorkSpaces? I couldn't find any image. Thx! Sophie


2020-11-18 17:36

reporter   ~0013688

You tried editing /sys/class/backlight/nv_backlight/brightness ?


2020-11-18 17:37

reporter   ~0013689

also what do you mean by "installing drivers" -- you installed the nvidia proprietary drivers?

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