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0006853Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2021-01-29 13:31
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Summary0006853: Xpath is an automated tool for detecting and exploiting SQL injection security flaws
Description[Name] - Xpath

[Version] - v3.0

[Homepage] -

[Download] -

[Author] - r0oth3x49 (Nasir Khan)

[Licence] - MIT

[Description] - An automated Advance SQL injection detection and exploitation tool.

[Dependencies] - Python3, and few python libraries.

[Similar tools] - SQLmap

[Activity] - It was started in 2016, and now is actively being maintained.

[How to install] -

    Note, using source code to acquire (e.g. git clone/svn checkout) can't be used - Also downloading from the head. Please use a "tag" or "release" version.

[How to use] - python -u "URL" --dbs, the similar way we use sqlmap.

[Packaged] - No not yet but i guess you guys can contact the owner to make it or you.
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2020-11-21 09:52


Xpath3-0.png (116,124 bytes)
Xpath3-0.png (116,124 bytes)


2021-01-29 13:31

administrator   ~0014162

Not sure what this has over SQLMap

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