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0006885Kali Linux[All Projects] Queued Tool Additionpublic2021-01-08 13:44
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Summary0006885: Dirsearch- Popular and feature-rich web path scanner
DescriptionI would like to get dirsearch included in Kali Linux!
Additional Information- [Name] - Dirsearch
- [Version] - dirsearch v0.4.0
- [Homepage] -
- [Download] -
- [Author] - Mauro Soria <>
- [Licence] - GNU General Public License
- [Description] - Web path scanner
- [Dependencies] - Python 3 + pips: PySocks, urllib3==1.24.3
- [Similar tools] - gobuster, wfuzz

It has been 6 years and dirsearch has now become the fuzzing tool that has the highest stars on Github:, the second is FFUF. But of course, we can't compare this tool with FFUF. Because FFUF is a fuzzer, which can brute-force anything in a single HTTP request. And dirsearch, it has been designed for directories brute-forcing only. It has a lot of the best techniques for directories brute-forcing, like 2-level auto-calibration, extensions, exclude extensions, reporting, recursion (it has a really good recursion work), brute-force a CIDR (IP range), sub-directories brute-forcing, User-Agent randomization, proxy randomization, suffixes and prefixes, wordlist formats, ... It also has an impressive performance and nice output! Many hackers now are using dirsearch, so I think you should add dirsearch into your tool package so users can install easier. More information over here:

Thank BTW!



2020-11-27 14:26

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- [Download] -


2021-01-08 13:44

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@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~

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