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0006924Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2021-01-08 13:32
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Summary0006924: Web-Fu the web hacking chrome extension
DescriptionName: Web-Fu
Author: @sha0coder
License: GPLv3

It's a chrome extension that allows to launch multiple types of web attacks from the browser to test the security of a website.
Latest version is available on the git:

Being in a browser has some advantages over a proxy, more easy to use, launching attacks with a right click, SSL friendly (no need to install certs), javascript friendly (render the javascript and the html content), no dependencies, no need to use daemons or external tools.

Some feautres:
- false positive reduction with gauss statistics
- bruteforcing folders, files, params names, param values on get/post.
- default wordlists or load worlist
- cookie editor
- attacks log useful for security audits.
- visual crawl
- visual bruteforce (experimental)
- clever params auditor expert system
- request interceptor
- base64 and url encoding/decoding
- danger bytes, all encoded bytes
- portscan (basic portscanner of web ports)
- build request

Dependencies: none, just the chrome browser.

Similar tools: none, there are much simpler extensions for editing cookies or other basic things.

Activity: I have beeing using and updating this tools in pentests, honestly I'm not super active but I will improve the expert system. Detecting more backend errors and launching and improving the attack decision tree.

How to install: (...) button -> more tools -> Extensions -> developer mode on -> load unpacked
clone the github repo and load unpacked the folder.

How to use: some examples:
- right click + Crack
- right click on a textbox + all encoded bytes
- extensions button for more options

Packaged: can be compressed in a zip a loaded on the chrome, but simpler load the folder uncompressed. No Debian package or any package system.

Thanks a alot in advance.



2021-01-08 13:32

administrator   ~0014056

We use firefox by default without any extensions.

This is chrome and requiring an extension

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