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0006981Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2021-01-11 15:09
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Summary0006981: Tool sugestion
DescriptionHi all,

I noticed that dmap is been in the distro for a while, since the project haven not evolved much, I decided to create something similar with additional features.

The tool's objective is similar, with additional features, it aggregates / splits address ranges, uses a configuration file where scan configuration can be adjusted, supports resume.
I thought it would be a nice addition to the distribution.

The tool repository, python pip, and documentation:

Suggestions and comments are welcome

Best Regards
Tiago Carvalho



2021-01-09 09:45

administrator   ~0014079

Please don't file bugs in "Queued Tool Additions", you should use "New Tool Requests". And sometimes it's best to try to adopt an abandoned software instead of creating yet another fork. It makes it more likely to have it integrated as the continuation of the former tool...


2021-01-11 15:09

reporter   ~0014105

Sorry about the confusion.

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