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0007005Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2021-03-02 08:48
Reporterbl4krat Assigned Tosbrun  
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Product Version2020.4 
Summary0007005: metagoofil does not do the metadata analysis stage - which is kind of the point of its existance

Version 2.2 which gets installed by apt (and therefore, i suspect, the default version included with the distribution) ONLY downloads the files. It lacks the libraries and code to do the metadata parsing.

Also, this version doesnt play nicely when it receives a status 429 (too many requests) from the server - it just throws and exception.

Steps To Reproduce

Try this:

metagoofil -d -t doc,pdf,xls -l 200 -o sans_files -f sans_results.html

This complains that sans_results.html is an unexpected parameter. the functionality to save the exfiltration result to this file does not exist in the script.

So try this:

metagoofil -d -t doc,pdf,xls -l 200 -o sans_files -f

This time (on my vm) it will download the .docs and .pdf's, and then throw an exception when it gets a 429 from the server. It SHOULD deal with the 429 gracefully and back off the request rate a bit.

Finally (having waited a long time for the server to get out of it's grumpy mood)....

metagoofil -d -t xls -l 200 -o sans_files -f

Now the .xls files are downloaded... and the program ends. No attempt is made to search the metadata - there is no code in the script to do this.

Additional Information

I have solved this on my VM by installing what appears to be an older version (still 2.2, but it's a python 2 script with all the necessary libraries and code) by doing:

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/metagoofil
sudo git clone /usr/share/metagoofil

and then editing /usr/bin/metagoofil so that it runs /usr/share/metagoofil/ with python2 (not 3).


related to 0007025 resolvedg0tmi1k Update metagoofil information 




2021-01-22 05:29

reporter   ~0014135

I dont know who owns, but it includes the GNU v2 public licence.



2021-02-02 09:20

manager   ~0014181

Thanks for your report.
Python 2 is EOL since one year. We removed the old Python2 tools or switched to Python 3 versions.

For metagoofil we switched to an other upstream repo to have python 3 support.
This version does not extract metadata (see

I will report the issue with status 429 to upstream.



2021-02-02 09:30

manager   ~0014182



2021-03-02 08:47

manager   ~0014258

version 2.2.+git20210226-0kali1fixes exception 429 issue

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