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0007056Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-10-10 12:25
Reportervanguard Assigned Torhertzog  
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Product Version2020.4 
Summary0007056: Kali-live crashes during build - Message: Volume ID does not fit in 32 bit

Dear maintainers,

sorry to disturb you, but I believe, that something important might have changed, but I still can not find, what happened.

As usual as do regularly I wanted to build a kali-live , and as I always do is to get the latest git configs using the command

git pull origin master, then do the build with ./ with my additional commands like "boot=live" keyboard=......." and so on.

This is working well since years.

But this time the build crashes with the message: "Volume ID does not fit in 32 bit" (see attached build.log).

Please note, that both builds (I built for amd64 and for i386) are crashing with the identical message. I also noticed, that the git command updated some files, one was (don't know if this matters).

So as I am not sure, if I myself did something wrong or if one of the new configs messed or one of the packages are causing this issue, I am looking for help here.

It would be nice, if someone could give me a clue (if it was my mistake) or take a look at this issue.

Thanks for any help and feel free for more information.

Best regards


Steps To Reproduce

First script:

define path to the repository on your disk





download and install needed packages

apt-get update
apt-get install git cdebootstrap live-build live-config apt-cacher-ng console-data curl -y

execute any commands to fit your personal environment

loadkeys de

prepare youre proxy and make sure, your local repo has ownership "apt-cacher-ng:apt-cacher-ng"

cp acng.conf /etc/apt-cacher-ng/
chown -R apt-cacher-ng:apt-cacher-ng $MOUNTPOINT/$REPOPATH

updating the git branch

git pull origin master

This is a test szenario, execite other scripts as needed

This suggestion calls my very own script.


Then second script:


Author Hans-J. Ullrich <[email protected]>

License: GPL

Set some variables, not active yet.

architecture: i386, amd64, arm


Distribution, you might not want to change it.


Your preferred window-manager: lxde, kde, xfce, gnome


Environmet for your local proxy


language, keyboard, locales everything you might not need to change

BOOTAPP="boot=live noconfig=sudo username=root hostname=kali ignore_uuid locales=de_DE.UTF-8 keyboard-layouts=de keyboard-variants=nodeadkeys"

Clean your system, not really necessarey, as the latter "./" does

this either.

lb clean

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure, apt-cacher is started, even, if you are sure,

it is already running!

/etc/init.d/apt-cacher-ng stop && sleep 3 && /etc/init.d/apt-cacher-ng start

set your needed environment and preparations.

export http_proxy=http://localhost:3142/
lb config

This command starts the actual build. All commands are in one line.

However, this script might be improved, to use variables for better

configuration possibilities.

./ --arch $ARCH --distribution $DISTRO --variant $VARIANT --verbose -- --apt-http-proxy $PROXY --bootappend-live "$BOOTAPP"

these options can be used for further commands after build

for example, if you want to burn a dvd, shutdown, whatever

Examples for my personal needs below

#/etc/init.d/apt-cacher-ng stop

Suggestions for handling the built image.

cp /home/username/live-build-config/images/*.iso /home/user/

wodim /path_to_your_live_build/live-build-config/images/your_image_name.iso

Some opportunities at unattended build run, what to do after the build succeeded.

halt -p


shutdown -h now




2021-02-19 16:23


build.log (1,402,727 bytes)


2021-02-23 09:20

administrator   ~0014241

See and thread starting at

It's indeed a regression in i386.



2021-02-23 12:41

administrator   ~0014243

I have pushed live-build 20210216kali1 with the fix, it should be soon available in kali-dev and a bit later in kali-rolling.

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