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0007060Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2021-02-23 08:56
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Summary0007060: libpcap-dev new version 1.10.0-2 doesn't have support for IEEE 802.11 (armhf)
DescriptionMy program uses libpcap to capture wireless packets. When I tried to use libpcap-dev on armhf to capture IEEE 802.11 packets, there's an error message "That device doesn't support monitor mode," even though my network adapter supports monitor mode. The adapter works fine with aircrack-ng. **The last version of libpcap 1.9.1-4 also works perfectly fine.** The new version seems to be compiled without support for 802.11 packets.

uname -r
 -- 4.19.118-Re4son-v7+

dpkg -s libc6
 -- Version: 2.31-4

hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+
Steps To Reproducetcpdump -I wlan0mon
 -- That device doesn't support monitor mode.

tcpdump -i wlan0mon (without 802.11 headers)
 -- works fine. wireless packets are captured without headers



2021-02-23 00:28

reporter   ~0014239

libnl-3-dev is installed as well

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