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0007076Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2021-06-30 08:49
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Product Version2021.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007076: kali linux 2021.1 does not boot into gui mode
DescriptionAfter booting into kali 2021.1 live using live iso burned by rufus on 16gb pendrive (procedure followed exactly correct) in uefi mode ,
it directly goes to terminal ( no display or no gui at all). No administer privileges were given so no sudo commands can be played and that s end of it you cannot do anything in non root accoung kali@kali zsh terminal . probably this is the end of it (literally nothing works).
This is major bug also i have faced while full-upgrading system from 2020.4 to 2021.1 . I guess issue is with display managers like gdm3 xdm and wdm and when users tried to shift from 2020.4 to 2021.1 they were thrown into rescue mode/emergency mode like a hell .
The root account is locked and sulogin(8) man page errors prevails
Additional InformationI faced no issues with 2020.2 but literally 2021.1 has critical bugs in terms of display with regards to live ,installer and netinst iso .
Please look into the issue as soon as possible if not it may pass down to 2021.2 too
( Some libpag0, gdm3 needs to be restarted while upgradation from 2020.4 to 2021.1 ) that is point it sucks away



2021-03-03 16:40


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