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0007108Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2021-04-04 11:11
ReporterIshan Patel Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2021.1 
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Summary0007108: support for nvidia optimus and bumble bee configration
DescriptionPlease add support for nvidia optimus and bumble bee configration as most of the intel based high-end laptops use dual GPU , using kali as the primary and only operating system shuts off one of the gpu to work properly



2021-03-22 06:25

manager   ~0014380

Hello Ishan, did you enable bumblebee on your laptop? What steps did you follow? There's a doc regarding installing nvidia drivers in Kali:, does that help?

Ishan Patel

2021-03-22 11:31

reporter   ~0014383

@arnaudr hello, in this guide says that its not ment for optimus (notebook user with 2 graphics card) , and yes i have tried this but its not working in laptop, if its connected via hdmi both laptop and external monitor cant be used with nvidia optimus in kali , as it can be used in ubuntu based system , for using external monitor we need to create a xorg configration file which will disable the use of laptop screen. please find some resolve, i have tried everything that i try .

Thank You

Ishan Patel

2021-03-22 11:32


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