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0007182Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2021-05-12 01:06
ReporterGrosbur Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2021.1 
Fixed in Version2021.2 
Summary0007182: The Kali Light theme is missing images present in the Kali Dark theme

In the package "kali-themes-common_2021.2.1_all.deb" the "/usr/share/themes/Kali-Light/gtk-3.0/assets" subfolder in the Kali-Light theme is empty, missing .png and .svg files present under the Kali-Dark theme. This make the Light theme display a red square in place of the correct symbol like the check box.

Steps To Reproduce

Update the to the current version of kali-themes-common_2021.2.1_all.deb

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2021-05-10 09:05

manager   ~0014524

I don't have that issue with kali-themes-common 2021.2.1
/usr/share/themes/Kali-Light/gtk-3.0/assets should be a symbolic link to the dark theme assets, so it should have the exact same files
Try reinstalling kali-themes-common and see if it get fixed 'sudo apt reinstall kali-themes-common'

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2021-05-10 11:02

reporter   ~0014535

Reinstalling the package indeed do resolve the issue, but I've try on a fresh install on a VM with the last ISO (kali-linux-2021.1) and during the update of the kali-themes-common the /usr/share/themes/Kali-Light/gtk-3.0/assets folder is reported as a regular directory (not as a broken symlink) ( but have a weird size 20k) and is empty. I don't understand what is happening during the update.



2021-05-10 14:56

manager   ~0014536

At some point I do think I broke that link while updating a script. That might be the cause but it is now fixed for this new release
Thanks for reporting ;)



2021-05-11 15:11

manager   ~0014538

Fixed in Thanks for the report @Grosbur!

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