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0007253Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2021-07-09 22:45
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Product Version2021.2 
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Summary0007253: Kali Whoami is a privacy tool developed to keep you anonymous on Kali Linux at the highest level.
Description[Name] - Kali Whoami

[Version] - v1.0

[Homepage] -

[Download] -

[Author] - Ömer Doğan

[Licence] - GPL v3

[Description] - Whoami is a highly user-friendly anonymity tool designed for Kali Linux users. It contains 9 different modules and its goal is to keep the tool anonymous at the highest level.

[Dependencies] - tar tor curl python3 network-manager

[Similar tools] - Anonsurf, Kalitorify, Torghost, Nipe

[Activity] - The project was launched a year ago and continues to be developed.

[How to install] - It is enough to run this command after downloading from github for manual installation. (sudo make install)

[How to use] - sudo kali-whoami [option]

--start : It will make backups and start the program.
--stop : Closes the program using a backup.
--status : Provides information about IP address and working status.
--fix : Used to repair the system in case of a possible bug.

[Packaged] -



2021-07-09 22:45

reporter   ~0014914

Sorry for the delay, the project's homepage has been updated.
[Homepage] -

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